NewLondonCTStateCollegeConservancy.jpgThe Connecticut colony has plenty of forests and many rivers and lakes. The Eastern Woodland Native American's call this land "Quinnehtukqut," which means, "beside the long tidal river." The Connecticut River runs down the middle of the colony. It is 360 miles long. There is much fertile land in the central valley along this great river.

We have low-lying mountains in the western part of the state, known as the Western Highlands. The Housatonic and Naugatuck Rivers are located here. Our Eastern Highlands are filled with low wooded hills. You will also find the wide Thames River, which is fed by two rivers from its north: Shatucket and Quinebaug. Our entire eastern border is a coastline of the Long Island Sound.

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Photos: (above left to right): Western Uplands, looking east; Eastern Uplands; (below center):Western Uplands looking towards Central Valley. Photographer: Ralph Lewis, Connecticut State Geologist.
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Black Point, East Lyme, CT
East Lyme shorline