Work Opportunities
Colonists in Connecticut can make a living through farming, manufacturing, ship building and fishing. Our river valley has very fertile land and provides food for much of the region. Besides wheat, corn, squash and other vegetables, you might want to harvest tobacco. We have dairy farming, as well as pear and apple orchards. There are cider mills and grist mills, too. Along coastal Long Island Sound colonists make a living fishing, whaling and working in the ship building industry. Norwichtown, established in 1659 by settlers from Saybrook, has mills and factories. The shipping business is important to Norwichtown because of its location along three rivers: Thames, Shetucket, and Yantic. The northwest section of our colony is rich in iron ore. We manufacture buttons and other metal products. Other natural resources that are profitable for the colony are stone, gravel, clay and lime.

Thanks to Thomas Green, our colony also boasts numerous weekly newspapers. We have our popular Connecticut Courant in Hartford, the Connecticut Gazzette in New Haven, and the New London Summary in New London. Connecticut is also one of the few colonies to have a paper mill. Christopher Leffingwell has operated his since 1766 in Norwich. Mr. Leffingwell and his borther Elisha also operates a cocoa-nut grinding mill, a choclate mill, a dye mill and grist mill.