Nathan Hale School House, New London. (New London Historical Society)
Our colony feels education is important. Children need to be able to read and write. It is imperative they read books, like the Bible. One of our laws, the Connecticut Code of 1650, requires that all parents educate their children, and that any town with 50 families has to pay for and build an elementary school. In 1672 the General Court ruled that each county be given 600 acres of land to use to build school houses.

Here are pictures of two school houses. Below is East Lyme's Little Boston School House (circa 1734), and left is a picture of our New London school house. (P.S. In the future will be renamed Nathan Hale school house, after school master Nathan Hale).
Little Boston School House, East Lyme (East Lyme Histroical Society)

Connecticut Colony is also home to prestigious Yale College, located in our great city of New Haven. Yale was established in 1701. (New Haven is also another capital in our colony. We can't decide which city to declare the offical capital: New Haven or Hartford.)

New Haven is also home to a municpal public library, built in 1656.